Do you have settled concrete?

  • Driveway

  • Patio

  • Steps & Stoops

  • Sidewalks

  • Garage Floors

  • Pool Deck

  • Un-Level Concrete (Due To Tree Roots)

  • Cavity or Void Under Existing Concrete

  • Concrete Replacement & Drain Repair

If you answered yes to the previous question, then you are a perfect customer for Mudjack Concrete.  We specialize in soil stabilization.

Poorly compacted soil, erosion, and ground settling can create a void under existing concrete.  This can lead to cracked and un-level concrete slabs, which can be unsightly and even dangerous.

The typical solution to the problem is an expensive and messy replacement.  However, there is an alternative to replacing.

Mudjack Concrete provides the perfect alternative to concrete replacement through a unique procedure called "Mudjacking."  Our team of experts specialize in this process, which can be done for a fraction of replacement costs.

The average job is done in a matter of a hours, eliminating the demolition & removal of old concrete, form boards, wet cement, an unsightly yard, not to mention the cost factor and inconvenience.  Drilling 1 3/8 inch holes in carefully selected locations in the concrete starts the process.  Then we pump our specialized blends of pressurized fill in the form of "mud slurry".  By using a special hydraulic mud-pump, the concrete can be raised or "floated" back to the original level.


Since the "mud" has been pumped using hydraulics and is pressurized, it completely fills the void and hardens.  It is now a very stable support for the slab.  It will not wash away like loose fill dirt.  The holes that were drilled are then carefully & attractively patched with cement to "match" the texture and color of the surrounding cement.  The result is a restored level and safe surface.


All work performed by Mudjack Concrete is guaranteed; references are available upon request.  We raise settled concrete for both residential and commercial establishments.  No job is too big or too small.